Friday, 12 February 2016

Banksmans at JAGAL Group

JAGAL Group is a leading Nigerian conglomerate with operations in the Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing industries. The company has been growing successfully over the past 40 years, and has become a valuable and respected contributor to the development of the country's economy.

Jagal offers diverse career opportunities across all its business activities. The Group's broad range of industries and services offer rewarding prospects for various professional backgrounds and can satisfy ambitions for a successful future career.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Banksman

Reporting to: Department Supervisor


  • To assist driver in pick up, and deliver materials, equipment and other supplies as directed by the material controllers or truck requestors to customer (s) / client(s) / project(s), fabrication / construction teams at various sites and lay-down areas in an efficient manner that will optimize effective utilization of the truck.
Key Aims and Objectives
  • To ensure that the truck assign to him is always in safe working condition
  • To demonstrate high level of maintenance and safety culture; clean the truck daily and avoid dents / damages to the truck.
  • To maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work with other HGV- drivers.
  • To report daily incident to the Supervisor/ Safety Officer attached to Logistics team.
Prime Responsibilities and Duties
  • Deliver materials to sites, lay-down areas and pick up materials from specified locations
  • Develop and maintain an efficient routing system within the Snake Island / yard/ lay-down area.
  • Follow instruction and task / duty assignment
  • Attend Tool Box Talk/ Safety meeting at 8am daily.
  • Develop and maintain an organized and efficient loading and unloading system
  • Unload merchandise according to customers' requests
  • Verify all items listed on the work orders (WO) / material requisition voucher (MRV) loaded on the truck and delivered
  • Ensure that the drivers’ assignment cards are signed at various pick-ups and delivery points by the material controllers / receivers.
  • Communicate safe handling procedures to material controllers in relation to truck on site.
  • Shall submit trip report / task assignment card to supervisor daily
  • Shall fill out trip report accurately
  • Shall inform his supervisor of any discrepancies in the reports as soon as he’s aware of them.
Other Duties:
  • Any duties as deemed reasonable within the associated envelope of the individual’s technical capability.
Key Internal Interfaces:
  • Project Materials Controllers, Warehouse, Fabrication, R & L, Construction, Project, Shipyard, W & F and other teams / departments requesting for the use of the truck(s).
Job Requirements
The Person:
  • Must be strong , agile, fit to face day and night operations’ challenges
  • Must be safety conscious, careful in driving and intelligent
  • Fluent in communication with English, verbally/Orally and writing
  • Must be Proactive, decisive, able to give succinct and sufficient report
  • Must be able to write incident report for investigation.
  • Must be free from taking alcoholic drink, and avoid smoking while on duty/ driving.
  • Must have sufficient proven experience in driving HGV, truck-trailer of minimum of 35tons/ 40ft length trailer.
  • Ability to check details and take responsibility for supervision.
  • Be strong, bold and confident but polite in dealings with other teams.
  • Ability to work and liaise with different teams.
  • Be safety conscious
  • Must be able to work extra-hours / weekends when requested by the project/fabrication team/client(s).
  • Good Communication skills
  • Able to give accurate both writing and verbal report(s)
  • Must pass internal HGV- Driving Test(s).
  • Must have Driver License of HGV class.
  • Should have Trade Test level 1
  • Proven HGV driving experience / skills
Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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