Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Programme Analyst HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Genders at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) helps developing countries attract and use aid effectively. In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights, capacity development and the empowerment of women.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Programme Analyst HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender

Additional Category: HIV, Health and Development
Type of Contract: FTA Local
Post Level: NO-B
Duration of Initial Contract: Initial duration of one year


Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Team Leader, Governance and Peace Building, the Programme Analyst is responsible for management of UNDP programme within the Governance thematic areas related to HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender. The Programme Analyst analyzes political, social and economic trends relating to these thematic issues and leads formulation, management and evaluation of programme activities within his/her portfolio and provides technical advice to Country Office leadership and the host government.

The Programme Analyst leads the formulation of technical briefing notes on HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender to the CO management. The Programme Analyst will advise UNDP Management on improving national capacity to coordinate, manage and monitor human rights, HIV and AIDS and gender responses, strengthening of public and private institutions including Civil Society Organizations that are mainstreaming human rights, HIV/AIDS and gender interventions into their core policies, strategies and programmes.

Based on the premise that UNDP is viewed as being strategically positioned to address human rights, good governance, HIV/AIDS and gender interventions, the Programme Analyst is expected to facilitate the building and strengthening of Governments capacity in strategic planning, coordination, leadership and ownership of the development agenda. Furthermore, the Programme Analyst will be focused on up-stream support to ensure strategic policy impact.

S/he works in close collaboration with the UNDP programme and operations teams, programme staff in other UN agencies, UNDP Regional and HQ staff and Government officials, technical advisers and experts, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society organizations ensuring successful UNDP HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender programme formulation, implementation and delivery of transformational development results. In close consultation with UNDP Management, s/he will lead the resource mobilization and the programme strategic thinking and visioning exercise in a bid to make UNDP the development partner of choice for the government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral partners.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of key functions:
  • Implementation of programme;
  • Effective management of the CO programme on HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender;
  • Technical/ programmatic support to the Government and other partners and serve as the Country Office lead on gender;
  • Contribution to DaO Initiative.
Ensure Implementation of programmes focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Conducting policy analysis on HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender issues;
  • Facilitating macro-economic and demographic HIV and AIDS modeling for long term sustainable development planning;
  • Preparing policy briefs for integration of HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender mainstreaming in development policy and budgetary frameworks;
  • Thorough analysis and research of the governance, social and economic situation in the country and preparation of substantive inputs to CCA, UNDAF, CPD, CPAP and other documents;
  • Facilitating continuous institutional capacity assessment for HIV and AIDS based development policy planning and implementation;
  • Identification of areas for support and interventions within the Governance thematic area;
Ensures effective management of the CO programme on HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender, focusing on quality control from formulation to implementation of the country programme achieving the following results:
  • Effective application of RBM tools, establishment of management targets (BSC) and monitoring achievements of results;
  • Design and formulation of CO programme within the Governance area, translating UNDP’s priorities into local interventions. Coordination of programme implementation with the Executing Agencies and introduction of performance indicators/success criteria, cost recovery, targets and milestones;
  • Initiation of projects, presentation of the projects to LPAC, entering projects into Atlas, finalization of contribution agreements; determination of required revisions, coordination of the mandatory and budgetary re-phasing exercises, closure of projects through reviews.
  • Participates in recruitment and procurement processes for projects;
  • Financial and substantive monitoring and evaluation of projects, identification of operational and financial problems, development of solutions. Participation in audit of projects;
  • Follow up on audit recommendations and ensures that exceptions are timely reported;
  • Aggregate reports are regularly prepared on activities, outputs and outcomes;
  • Preparation of donor reports;
Provision of top quality technical/ programmatic support to the Government and other partners, toward the achievement of the following results:
  • Scanning the policy and political environments and advising on their implications for HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender programming;
  • Sound technical analysis on HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender to better support engagements with national partners and strengthen programme development;
  • Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender into the CPD, UNDAF and other UN-wide documents;
  • Technical support to the development of policies and institutions that will address the country problems and needs in collaboration with the Government and other strategic partners;
  • Technical support for the establishment and effective functioning of advocacy networks at national level and linked to international networks;
  • Compiling and presenting advocacy papers to UNDP and Government planning and review forums;
  • Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice;
Ensures effective gender mainstreaming in the work of UNDP and advocate for the promotion of women’s human rights, within the framework of the Gender IPA Programme, focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Will be focal person, coordinate and be in charge of the UNDP Gender Seal initiative for the CO;
  • Initiates and assists in developing and implementing a UNDP strategy/programme for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment;
  • Provides technical and policy support, guidance, practical tools and hands-on training to the Country Office staff to strengthen their capacities to mainstream gender in Programmes and Operations;
  • Trains and builds the capacity of UNDP staff and ensure better understanding of gender within UNDP team with focus on use of gender sensitive language;
  • Ensures gender mainstreaming across UNDP thematic areas of work;
  • In close cooperation and coordination with the Regional Gender Advisor, provides gender analysis and support in UNDP CO strategic planning (e.g. Annual Strategic Note, Country Programme Action Plan, UN Development Assistance Frameworks, Social Inclusion Strategy);
  • Reviews, monitors and evaluates CPD, SDG and other poverty reduction initiatives to ensure a gender perspective in the process, indicators, outcomes and reports (such as the Human Development Reports);
  • Strengthening the capacity of national gender equality mechanisms to actively monitor and support government commitments to women’s human rights;
  • Facilitating the implementation of CEDAW towards the realization of gender equality and women’s empowerment;
  • Advocating for policies that will reduce feminized poverty, end violence against women, increase political participation of women, halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls, and achieve gender equality in democratic governance;
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance to the UNDP Nigeria Programme linking it with CEDAW and MDGs;
Effective contribution to the Delivering as One initiative and provision of substantive inputs to the UN Governance and Human Rights Component Coordinating Group:
  • Effective participation in the activities of the UN Governance and Human Rights Component Coordinating Group and provision of substantive inputs to the Theme Group's work;
  • Identification of joint interventions programming in the HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender areas;
  • Support to ongoing M&E processes within the framework of DaO;
  • Collaborative preparation and/or revision of CCA, UNDAF, CPD and other documents;
  • Contribute in the working sessions of the UN Thematic Groups (TG) and serve as the secretariat of the TG as necessary;
  • Provide synthesis of lessons learnt and best practices from programmes.
Impact of Results
The key results have an impact on the overall success of the country programme and reaching UNDAF/ CPD goals. In particular, the key results have an impact on the design, operation and programming of activities, creation of strategic partnerships as well as reaching resource mobilization targets. Furthermore, the results will lead to strong partnership amongst the Government, the UN in HIV and AIDS policy and response management, human rights and gender equality responsibilities of the Country Office.


Functional Competencies:

Advocacy/Advancing A Policy-Oriented Agenda:
  • Creates effective advocacy strategies;
  • Performs analysis of political situations and scenarios, and contributes to the formulation of institutional responses;
Results-Based Programme Development and Management:
  • Provides information for linkages across programme activities to help identify critical points of integration;
  • Provides information and documentation on specific stages of projects/programme implementation;
  • Provides background information to identify opportunities for project development and helps drafting proposals;
  • Participates in the formulation of project proposals;
Building Strategic Partnerships:
  • Effectively networks with partners seizing opportunities to build strategic alliances relevant to UNDP’s mandate and strategic agenda;
  • Identifies needs and interventions for capacity building of counterparts, clients and potential partners;
  • Promotes UNDP’s agenda in inter-agency meetings;
Innovation and Marketing New Approaches:
  • Seeks a broad range of perspectives in developing project proposals
  • Identifies new approaches and promotes their use in other situations;
  • Creates an environment that fosters innovation and innovative thinking;
  • Makes the case for innovative ideas from the team with own supervisor;
Resource Mobilization:
  • Analyzes information on potential bilateral donors and national counterparts to recommend a strategic approach;
  • Identifies and compiles lessons learned;
  • Develops a resource mobilization strategy at the country level;
Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing:
  • Makes the case for innovative ideas documenting successes and building them into the design of new approaches;
  • Identifies new approaches and strategies that promote the use of tools and mechanisms;
Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise:
  • Understanding and knowledge of the current guidelines and project management tools and utilizes these regularly in work assignment;
  • Understands more advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines;
  • Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally;
  • Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments;
  • Demonstrates comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the current guidelines and project management tools and utilizes these regularly in work assignments;
  • Identifies new approaches and strategies that promote the use of tools and mechanisms;
Analysis and creation of messages and strategies:
  • Performed analysis of political situations and scenarios, and contributes to the formulation of institutional responses;
  • Uses the opportunity to bring forward and disseminate materials for global advocacy work and adapts it for use at country level;
Client Orientation:
  • Establishing effective client relationships
  • Researches potential solutions to internal and external client needs and reports back in a timely, succinct and appropriate fashion;
  • Organizes and prioritizes work schedule to meet client needs and deadlines;
  • Anticipates client needs and addresses them promptly;
Contributing to positive outcomes for the client:
  • Anticipates client needs;
  • Works towards creating an enabling environment for a smooth relationship between the clients and service provide;
  • Demonstrates understanding of client’s perspective;
  • Solicits feedback on service provision and quality;
Core Competencies:
  • Promoting ethics and integrity, creating organizational precedents;
  • Building support and political acumen;
  • Building staff competence, creating an environment of creativity and innovation;
  • Building and promoting effective teams;
  • Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication;
  • Creating an emotionally intelligent organization;
  • Leveraging conflict in the interests of UNDP & setting standards;
  • Sharing knowledge across the organization and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning;
  • Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member;
  • Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking,
Required Skills and Experience
  • Master's Degree or equivalent in the Social Sciences, Public Health, Gender and Human Rights or related field;
  • 2 years of relevant experience at the national or international level in providing management advisory services in the governance, human rights, public health, HIV and AIDS, and/or gender management;
  • Hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of governance-related projects;
  • Experience in the field of governance, human rights, HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming;
  • Demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills and should also be culturally and politically sensitive in the work with counterparts and be able to work at all levels;
  • Research, analytical and negotiation skills are required;
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages such as (MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and web based management systems is essential;
Language Requirements:
  • Fluency in English.
Application Closing Date
14th March, 2016.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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